What follows is a rough outline of the intended development for Redline Smalltalk.
Community members are welcome to help.
The following list is in no particular order, and some of the items are already in development.
  • Get Compiler and initial class library done.
    • Compiler bugs fixes (Compiler is done).
    • Inital Class library - all those classes defined in the 'Blue Book' that don't relate to GUI.
    • Testing Framework(s?)
      • SUnit port
      • Something RSpec like?
    • Examples and screen cast on Compiler and class library.
  • Tools (enough of these to make lives easier helping Redline.)
    • Stic - invoke command
    • Stir - interactive (repl)
    • Stake - like make/rake
    • Star - like a Java JAR. Essentially just renaming .jar to .star. Might include dependency management like GEM's, meven etc. Or use github?
    • Stash - a deploy tool like ruby's capistrano / chef
    • Examples and screen casts on each of the above.
  • Stout - light web server like Ruby Sinatra. Focused on RESTful services rather than be Rails/Seaside like.
  • Stride - SmallTalk Redline IDE(s)
    • IntelliJ Plugin
    • Eclipse Plugin
    • Other?
  • Porting packs, to enable the easy porting of application from other Smalltalks onto Redline.
  • Other things - as suggested/driven by Community.