Is it a REAL Smalltalk?

People have asked if Redline Smalltalk will let them do all the things they are used to doing with 'other' Smalltalks based on an IMAGE, like Pharo or Squeak Smalltalk. The answer is YES. Redline is far more than just the Smalltalk language syntax.

What makes a Smalltalk a Smalltalk?

While saving the current 'state' of everything into an IMAGE file and being able to re-load that IMAGE at another time and continue your development is an amazing feature (and may be a feature of Redline at a later time) the other amazing powers of the Smalltalk Runtime are available in Redline Smalltalk today. Some of those features are:

  • Adding a Class dynamically at runtime.
  • Adding or removing methods dynamically at runtime, even to 'final' Java classes or during debug cycles.
  • Querying the attributes, methods and the hierarchy of Classes at Runtime (Reflection).
  • Full Smalltalk Block [] symantics are respected. Returns ^ from Blocks do what they do in other Smalltalks, like Pharo
  • Dynamically evaluating Smalltalk code contained in strings.
  • In a nutshell, we're just removing a single file IMAGE and fitting in with existing tools, we're not removing the Smalltalk ethos.
If there is some feature of Smalltalk you want to know about then send us an email to object @ and we will update this page. While these features are available in the Redline Runtime and underlying implementation in some cases they rely on other tools like an IDE to expose them in a less programatic fashion to you the developer.