Mailing List
The mailing list where you can contact other Redliners.
Logos, banners and images you can use to promote Redline Smalltalk.
Everyone who has given financial support to Redline


Redline Smalltalk
What we are all here for.
Eclipse Plugin
Plugin to add Redline Smalltalk support to the Eclipse IDE
Textmate Bundle
Redline Smalltalk support for Textmate and Sublime Text editors.
Maven Plugin
A Maven helper to interact with the Redline compiler and interpreter. Currently supports one goal, Stic, which invokes the Redline compiler and interpreter. A planned enhancement is the ability to run unit tests.
SmallTalk InteRactive is the repl loop / command line workspace for Redline. Stir will start a new instance of a running JVM and Smalltalk session or connect to an existing one and allow you to execute command against a live environment. Stir is the equivalent of a repl in Lisp or IRB in Ruby.
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